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Saturday, January 01, 2011


Was Kind.

Was Good.

to me.

Thanks all who crossed path in this year.


Gems, Making my own garments, Performances , Shows (geisha , Bunny, Stars at Ion) , SNEF, Becoming a Main Comm in TPDE, Folken,
Tears, Joy, Laughter, Fun, Friends, Breaking Up, Parties, drunk bit, Magazine, newspaper fame.Experiencing and hearing death.ComBased 2010, Fashion shows and all.

Battle @ Br8k out @ Zirca

Battles : Super Jam,. Get Down, MITC, Whatcha Got, Br8k out.



Goodbye 2010, Thanks for being such a good year for me minus those bits of heartbreak.


I think I've been handling my time pretty well, independence and loneliness. I sucked them all up.
Being in Design School, Main Comm, taking performances and shows and still partying hard.
I think i'm really doing good.37686_444781695114_596045114_6498971_801013_n
performance @ SNEF

Friends, never lacking.
Real Friends, hardly.
I will not bother for those pple who dont put in the minimal efforts as a friend.


I will start 2011 fresh and good.

It is time to step our games up.
IMPROVE, anyone wanna train me.
Time for competitions and battles.
Go into Popping or waacking.
Achieve Turtle and one more freeze.
Body Conditioning, and Improve core and strength.
Take on more shows.

But of course, my main concern now is GEMS 6!
To all in TPDE:
Let's all work together well and make GEMS 6 a friggin good one. TPDE is everyone's, not just mine or yours. Let's all do our best parts to do it good okay. TPDE TO THE WHOLE NEXT LEVEL! FIGHTING! Mean it when you say you love tpde, otherwise, dont.

Build portfolio
Take on Projects
Aim for better GPA

Must, have abs and at least shed 3 KGs by June Please!
And, to be a better person.

Sleep more and eat healthily.
I'm sick of being sickly.

earn some good money!
Spend more time with family and grandparents!
And maybe getting inked.

What about you guys?
What's your 'Resolutions' ? :)

Lastly, I aim for happiness.

HAPPY 2011 all. ♥

and, i love..

my QP!

We all damn chio right.