Saturday, March 28, 2009

Zebra Tramps.

♥ J
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♫ O-Avenue ♫ - J-Culture &
J-Music Avenue Date: 21st March 2009

haha . I'm having mould-growth on my pictures.
* Was ill.
* Was feeling kinda down.
( sometimes i wonder so.)

The lady in polka dot is leonard's mum.
So sweet of her to go support him at his every gig man.

Very good vocals.

1.Leonard. Me. Ulric.
Jm kai btw.

2.Both , very nice pple :)



I dint realised till i got home and upload the pics!
Who on earth takes 5 shots,
Including very candid ones. haha.


Bernard, Nardo, and the awesome drummer.

your smile hurts.

oh well , and for us,
We jampacked my camera!
As usual!


Clark Quay is a nice place to chill,
but not really when it rains.

Miya Miya!
Is he angry at me? Idk! ):

My camera is getting blur ):



That's not double chin anyway!
Just that it got blurred!

I am a better photog!!hahaha.

On streets.

I think ppl walking behind sorta shocked and kept staring as they walked past me.

Crosses. Crystal.

J. C.

Nice smile right? haha.

Good lighting!

Braces off soon, I hope!

Yey, it's so chio ! :D

I was feeling very sick that day man!

Love it LOVELY!

haha. pimple!

Jaws, Tsu.

Messy icecream eater, be me.
i've got icecream on my nose!


Great love.

Call me , Call me~

Her phone reminds me of pets society!

Honour light.


And yes, we did take crazy unglam pics!

Gosh, Damn Xmm-ish.

Tsu , Jaws , J , Crystal.
That's my hand!

Tsu , Jaws , J , Crystal.
That's my hand too!

Queen J.

Footsteps, to your heart.
Seems like a million.

Your smile , hurts.
Why is so?
You took my courage away, like no others.
Desires sounded more like tears.

J , likes you.
at least, she thought so.