Friday, October 17, 2008

F yest's pratical.
i dunnoe wth my sist is wanting me to do.

stay focus.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

(while everyone else are doing their mock papers, i adorned myself with deedee's minnie ears and wiicontroller sweet dispenser)

No way i'm acting as if i'm gonna take my o levels in like a few more pathetic days.
omg, i shall promise that this will be my last post till then.

I sorta like this pic even thou my hand make it look so obiang.

Yes, i'm gg taiwan! i hope i will bump into bbt! woo~
Better miss me!
I bet , Alot of you laughed till your ass dropped for the previous post.
I looked retard-hilarious.

I have got the time to blog now,
solely because i think my tuition teacher is stucked in the rain!
It's so annoying to wait.

I miss you babes!

& you! tessa teo!

turned lesbian!


never get enough of our insanity.

Shall time prolong.

Thanks alot to the people working so hard to put all these stuffs together. AND, it's freaking nice! XOXO.


`Jiayan : Compared to me, yours' alright!

`Junhe :

Junhe, you also very candid :D ahahahah~ will miss you too, handsome!

`Joshua : haha. which is today right? tell me about it. alright,thanks:)

`Kei : haha. i wont be pregnant luh :) alright. ^^ haha . you saw such a tak-glam pic of me!

`Kaiting : Haha. Dear, loves!

` Sher : why need stare? lol. yeaps, i know , thanks for reminding.

` Yuxin : YES GIRL! meet up right after my os want? stay in contact okay. msg me on 11nov!

` Shuang : haha. looking at the pics , only we two keep crying and jiayan also! hahaha.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My sist just got pregnant and gave birth to a kid.

And i'm too , but i intended to abort it.


but i chose otherwise...

Cause it was just another horrid mare. ):
Another bad night of mine.

I hope some people wont treat me nice just to benefit themselves.
want to know what i'm trying to hit at, go my wordpress.


more pics...

faint knocking by lil angel,just as devil pulled me to his aisle.