Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tags Replies

passerby : Woo, really? i love aisha man. ^^

Claire : I'll upload the video soon :)

anon : It is my sist's dress. She bought it quite some times back. Anw, fyi, i saw a similar one @ Far east plaza level one i think. Hope this helps .

KAITING : Dear, haha. actually, not very very happy but okay lar. and i never really study.

Jc Kid : Thanks alot . i placed YJC as my second choice :) Gambatte for your tedious Jc life.

Juyee : Prettyy! i'll link you soon okay!

yz: That's a must!

Argh, haven been really updating because i aint in the mood and fit to do so!

After such a sickly week , though i'm still having the block nose, being nauseous now and then , i've made my choice for the future.

Let's pray that i wont regret.

FYI, & stop asking me individually how much i've got for my Os.
It's 13 for L1R4 & 16 for L1R5 .
Lousy or what , gossip ♥

My first choice was TP's Apparel designing and merchandising!
Closer school mates should know that i always always design pieces. HA.

Well, shall see.

ANW, I'll be looking for a job after the new year if i get into poly..

It feels quite good to crush on a loghead.

1 to 10 , pick your love.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I find this period more stressful than O levels.

JC / POLY what course?

JC i am afraid i cant cope.

I feel F up.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

T.T is the new LOL.
It applies in my case .
I guess..
Tags reply on next post, starting from ivan's tag.

*heart throbs*
Meeting a super handsome young guitarist?

Walks in the LTNS school hall .
& seeing all the
awesome 4D-sweethearts.

We dont and we wont walk alone.


Crystal's the Ahpiankhuat i meet most this holiday!

Friends are the ones closest to heart beside family.
Yet, not willing to reveal the frail side.
Words muted when facing the world of familiars.
Cryptical moment.