Saturday, January 17, 2009

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passerby : Woo, really? i love aisha man. ^^

Claire : I'll upload the video soon :)

anon : It is my sist's dress. She bought it quite some times back. Anw, fyi, i saw a similar one @ Far east plaza level one i think. Hope this helps .

KAITING : Dear, haha. actually, not very very happy but okay lar. and i never really study.

Jc Kid : Thanks alot . i placed YJC as my second choice :) Gambatte for your tedious Jc life.

Juyee : Prettyy! i'll link you soon okay!

yz: That's a must!

Argh, haven been really updating because i aint in the mood and fit to do so!

After such a sickly week , though i'm still having the block nose, being nauseous now and then , i've made my choice for the future.

Let's pray that i wont regret.

FYI, & stop asking me individually how much i've got for my Os.
It's 13 for L1R4 & 16 for L1R5 .
Lousy or what , gossip ♥

My first choice was TP's Apparel designing and merchandising!
Closer school mates should know that i always always design pieces. HA.

Well, shall see.

ANW, I'll be looking for a job after the new year if i get into poly..

It feels quite good to crush on a loghead.

1 to 10 , pick your love.

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