Friday, May 26, 2006

25 day late.hahas.
yest was reallips nice!!

yeaps. yest was moii birthdae.
it was real nice!!
i cried.for joy.

got presents from frens n birthdae song sung by 2e`06.
love dat bikini! tanks pple!it was by...kaylin,jun fei,alvin wong,ynex,Qimian...tis r da pples tt i rem..still got 4 mores..will write wen i rem..hehes..
TANKS sally! tanks howe,ling,chee-mun aka cedric,ben cho! TANks kor n shu hui! taNks chyuan chyuan! tAnks Qi-marmiies!! tanks everyone!! for da greeting n everyting!

the bestpart of yest was wen
  • the changes of sch rules announced!
  • LoNG haiR iiSh allowed!! * tears of joy n laughter*
  • spendin moii time watchin X-MEN3
  • havin time spent wid moii familiie!


aliens?i tot i saw aliens!

a flock of white birds flew across the blue sky of parade square tis morning.light were reflected on them makin em` lo0kin lik lamps??

i was kinda "amazed"


miies: oii, wad's tt huh??

she*wid the most ridiculed face *: birds larhs!

miies*huh*: but got light de lehs.

she ignored miies..

i tink n tink..

for a moment , i tot i saw sum aliens or spaceships..

it's so stupidy of miies..


i love all moii prezzies!!

TANKS TINGxX-dear! tanks CRabbies n MingshUang`_si n wu-meiis`_ tanks! hahas

i've got 2 ..not 1 butt 2!

2 of da same gift.. a pooh bear wid brown ho0ds!..

hehes..1 from `_si n wu miies`_ n one more from the

lolz!maebe tt bear reallips suits miies lots!

got moii report slip back todae.beta den moii expectations..wwhees!nice birthdae!

blk 610 there derrs bb court dunch lik miies!!! got injured !! Aggaiin!!