Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm dead happy.
Grab a big container and contain all my joy!

okays , Ethe'real , yi xuan feng , and soap got in superband top 16! YEYEYEYS. Remember to support them okays.

Ethe`real , ken's band.
They look damn pro. haha.
i damn love their style but still , yet to hear their music live.
The voc and the spikey is quite cute.
KEN! idk it's kenn or ken luh , but you better tag me upon seeing this man! (:
Picture credits : Kei

翼旋风;yixuanfeng。 Xavier, jiro, jieg and the drummer. ha.
When i tell people about this band they thought it was my name. LOLS.
The advertisement for superband has like 4 seconds of showcase of them!
GOOD MUSIC okay , but still , i miss Seraph as said , commercial look :)

SOAP! Jason's band . But this is him on the left . I dunnoe who're the others. heh.
Jason is like a brother whom cares so much :) LOVES AND LUCKS.

May the above bless and these above bands will proceed on ! :D
Ken with mask ; The photoshoots tomorrow , i want to see. gee.
Everyone , support these 3 amazing bands k!:D

SPAMMERS GO AWAY , before i take authorised actions against you . Be it that you are using multi network to tag or what. Cyber polices are not just for fun:)

Beware the change of altitude.
It may gobble you up.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm so Efffinggggggggggggggggggggggg effffffffinnngggggg distracted.

Pull me out!
My courseworks are stop dead ,
Stress! but still,


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I wrote a song lyrics today , gonna try and fit some rhythm in.
Tml going mediacorps to watch some chinese program thingy , but in school uni.
Leave a tag before leaving.

Strum it away,
i'm feeling upset for no apparent reason .
perhaps yes, there is. but it sounds stupid.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Online people,
I may be not friendly ,

but what can you do.

I think sometimes doing intros is plain retard.

Dont do craps ,like you wish to change me.


The day when me and bean sent jian feng to army .
It's kinda sad. He is being tortured inside i guess. People inside better not bully him! We were then like extremely late for sports day . I should have had take over the first runner for green house for 400X4 can. She caused tha whole group to slow down so f much.

Oh yes , i look like that when i only slept less than 4 hours at night .

Benney, wen hao and kai went with us.
Idk , but we dont talk much.

From boon lay all the way back to khatib stadium.
okays, we atrociously entered the stadium with our home clothes with around 600 pairs of eyes staring at you as if you're some abnormal kid. Some people said hi also. But we truly stood out amongst the red and greens. sounds so christmas.
And there is this teacher , a MADAM who refuse to let me change into my house tee.
Was damn furied.

Maddie and me! LOVES.


Hafiz , Me , Hazzie :) LOVES.

Wonder how i wore my tee?
I wore it over my dress! Ughs, was warm like suana.

Like a petite ♠

After tha sports day , went bean's house to shower and set off to meet CLARLYNN TAN.
She's someone who is as stuborn as an OX.

I've three blogs in total:)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Xavier's band got in. LOVES.
Kinda glad that i caught their performance. Lols.
All that strumming makes me plunge further.
Jiro , Xavier!
Xavier is kinda friendly know :)
He saw and waved to me.

I hate that bird bird!

Mute that infatuation .

Well , i learnt sliding and hammering today , which kinda cause some blistered fingers ):
I gotta really work on my skills and join the next batch of superband :)
Band , Anyone? :D

♥Infatuation , band loves.
All that strumming and singing is awe.
but still , you dont even know me .