Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm dead happy.
Grab a big container and contain all my joy!

okays , Ethe'real , yi xuan feng , and soap got in superband top 16! YEYEYEYS. Remember to support them okays.

Ethe`real , ken's band.
They look damn pro. haha.
i damn love their style but still , yet to hear their music live.
The voc and the spikey is quite cute.
KEN! idk it's kenn or ken luh , but you better tag me upon seeing this man! (:
Picture credits : Kei

翼旋风;yixuanfeng。 Xavier, jiro, jieg and the drummer. ha.
When i tell people about this band they thought it was my name. LOLS.
The advertisement for superband has like 4 seconds of showcase of them!
GOOD MUSIC okay , but still , i miss Seraph as said , commercial look :)

SOAP! Jason's band . But this is him on the left . I dunnoe who're the others. heh.
Jason is like a brother whom cares so much :) LOVES AND LUCKS.

May the above bless and these above bands will proceed on ! :D
Ken with mask ; The photoshoots tomorrow , i want to see. gee.
Everyone , support these 3 amazing bands k!:D

SPAMMERS GO AWAY , before i take authorised actions against you . Be it that you are using multi network to tag or what. Cyber polices are not just for fun:)

Beware the change of altitude.
It may gobble you up.

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