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Friday, October 31, 2008


i think i've been complaining like mad . OOPS.

Yeys, Jolene lee has to survive through another 4hours 45 mins and the days in between and she's as free as a shalalala bird!

Walao , my blog is almost dead , despite my efforts in reviving!


I'm looking for a new blogskin.
So if you think you are of the following conditions

- Talented in making blogskin.
- Thinks that you know
what i like.

- & willing to provide your

~Hopefully there will be some kind souls replying me ! HOPEFULLY.

30th October : Jessist's Recognition event.

To my beloved sist,
You always had always inspired me with your ultimate determination.
You had always encourage me never to give up my dreams and revived them.
Thanks sist.
Sometimes, you may not know , but your little actions and words may make someone's day and inspire someone to achieve higher heights.
Oh, features of my sist :
^cooks nice scallop pasta.
^bake yummy cheesecakes
^And help me to apply awesome makeups when i'm lazy(:
^Always here for me.
There's much more of her.

That's her on stage.

My poor rose .

And it's among all the other flowers in there.

With gorgeous Dotz . Can you actually believe that she's a mum of 2?!
notice that i used the word gorgeous.

Eeks was shocked by the overwhelming load of flowers. ha.
no luh, he got a shock when someone shouted JESSICA! very loudly behind him.
eeks is the one on the left anw.

This is new age cutie, bernard.

Who claims that i look like an indonesian chinese.
And supposed to be a good thing:)

There's more pictures coming up next.
I ,Jolene Crosses clearly do not understand what the world is coming to.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 25 : GMA
It was pretty amazing.
To stand less than a metre near all of them.

Mayday. omg.

Yoga Lin.
Totally Cute.

Eason Chan.
Awesome musician.

Big Mouth.
They're a group of HOTTIES.
totally mesmerised by Dj Zhonghua! & Aisa.

Fish Leong.
She is prettier in real life.

Derrick Ho.

Jam Xiao.
FIR's concert.


What's more,
Foc and exclusive.
Yey, was such an enjoyable night.
Ken ar, reserve the receptionist seat for me. hahaha.

I love Jawsist's job.
But that definitely exert a certain amount of stress on me.
That's what she desire.
Yet, not my dream man.
My dad is kinda starting to expect more from me and wants me to be like her.
My ultimate dream , a performer.

Dont be stingy, TAG when you read.

Pursue, XOXO.

Random :
Joleen : MIN! thanks. i miss you too!
Rodney : Yes , soon. and i cant tag on your blog anws.
Dearest : Thanks alot.

LAUYUXIN : Can i like meet you up asap! with maine , sa and liling. Gosh. Totally miss you.