Saturday, July 28, 2007

i aint feeling good. sorryys if ii had stuffed uur eyes with fcuked up stuffs.
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

kenn(from livevil) edited this for me luhs. damn cute.

wells wells, went to eat pizza hut with ling and qia0.
life's getting REALLYYS BORING, ii swear. :D

and ii dunn feel as excited as before. (: / ):


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

FERAKILY; ii still cant believe ii tokked to hims. LOLs. face to face.
ii guess ii'm kinda crazy. ignore this part.

ii'm going back to the fourskins store. TO WORK. hahs.
yays. money! $
since ii'm onlyys working on friday and sat , till late. PPLE! date me for late night movies!.
ii'm dead serious. :D

ii cant believe that brevian is in teenage icon anyways.
and something that uu guys cant fcuking ignore is, CHIAYEE, from sec 1g, said "ii dun tink uu're veryys chio, not like me." to tessa.
god damn it.
she's freakingly digusting. trust me.
bet she never heard that 'peng wei tio ba'.
well, perhaps slapping her is like , us getting dirty? whoots.
ii shant be so badd to that SUPERB PRETTYY" girl (:
tink b4 uu act manns.

my black jeans is being altered and now it looks like skinny. :D yays.

ii 'm gonna get this , ii swear ::
& grey skinny
& red cardigan
& demin shorts. (well , ii gotta no shorts at all )
& MORE. just that it's getting late and my brain juice isnt producing much :D

`MISSCROSSES; ii cant help falling deeper. pull me up.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ii ate chocolates todae.
the whole plan isnt gonna be successful! ARGHS.
ii'm hungry! DIE DIE!
updating next post on the diet planning thingie. LOLS!

oh yea, there's a counter at the left hand side of my bloggie. (:
it's kinda real pathetic. cos ii onlyys start now. wheets.

taste of uur , lips. Y
;amanda; gambatte.
;jeremy; no, never ii will be.
;ROMe; ii will do so when ii link everyone else (:
;kei; uu dao arse!

Monday, July 23, 2007

oh wells wells, :D
people, read and tagg kkaes?

ii just dint noe that she's dennis' cousin alrites.
till ii found out her name. l0ls! ii actuallyys tried to borrow ezlink card from her last term.

ii'm currentlyy trying out a diet.
a good one.
share it with uu guys next post :D
if it's a success. mmms..


Sunday, July 22, 2007

wasted life.

skinny babies. :D

ii like this (:

hots for red, advertisement.

ii refused to smile.

ii wanna go back to the past.

pose yea pose (: