Friday, April 25, 2008

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true friends , rarely a few. It is the hardest to find one.

Koushin; tag before you leave!
Thanks for tagging peps :)
I will link everyone up when i change a desired blogskin alrights(: ♥

`Jolene lee : you're? frenster? (: it's fate!

`Joelynn : yes girl , i remb you(:

`Grace : Pie , loves you too! hah. people who are hot are meant to be crazy over (:

`Sheryl , Shuang : Thanks girls :D WOOOOSH.

`Crystal : thanks for tagging!

`Zombieeeeeeeeee : THANKS! (:

`PASSERBY : YESYES, obviously i've heard about them and i will must also support uh! I am publicising them also too. You're?

The perfect irony ;
wednesday , my badly blistered feet brought me 2.4km off route and broke my own record . 13mins57sec. not very fast but i improved quite abit. satisfied in short.

Thursday ,
Attempted handstand cause a "pro" frontflip and caused a sprain in ankle .

Leg ah leg , what you want siol . Blowing hot and cold . I dun even have a crush on you can ! You brought me far and now you wanna stop work . BITES.

I cant do any exercises now and our first dance crew practise , I've gotta miss it. DREADFUL.

DODO , Cheer up.

-昱,like where you are destinated to be.