Saturday, February 28, 2009

After o lvls ended.
I did practically nothing.
Nothing in the sense that is meaningful.
I fucking dk what the hell is wrong w me man.
Having no job and spending money all while.
Wasting my life away.
Not improving on dance,
not touching my guitar for holy 5 months.
Like, omg,
just to realise.
I'm pretty disappointed w myself.

've become such a lazy assbum,
That everyone has been complaining about.
& i did do some household chores here and there;
Almost just like a housewife.
oh, gaining a few crazy pounds too.

That's definitely not the real Jolene okay!
-I'll look for a job on monday.

-& put everything else in order .

-Register for my poly course on monday ( plug in printer)

-Go medical checkup soon.
Uh, I think medical checkup is so f-ing TROUBLESOME.

- Take passport photo
(I've always thought that passport photo is the most not flattering pics!)
Maybe i can splash on some foundation and eyelash.

Argggghhhhh, It's that kind of period whereby you're irritated by yourself.

* I have removed the content warning thingy.
*Edison Chen is SO HOT.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Tag on the tagboard , which character am i to you ^^
Just for fun .

I'm hoping to see edi chen tmr ^^

Shall i repeat again ,
I really dislike ppl with ill sense of responsibility.
Breaking promises, casual or not.
To th corner please :)

Tell me.

Someone tell me that i dint make the wrong choice.
i;m afraid.
too fearful of the future,
the changes.

love , J.Crosses.

Nobody but you.


My Jayto aka huya!
Must watch it man.
Nobody but you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chocolate Marshmallow

Marshmallows should be spelt as marshmellows.

Such a cold day!
Cold and lonely goes well together,
Like chocolate and marshmallow.
It'ld be great w your love's warmth.


Jaws shisuta.


The Greatest.
She's the one who is accountable for me and my fat cousins.


The playground @ Montreal Green is CRAZILY INSANE.
It's at least two storeys high when you climb up man.
This is one of the way that you can come up.

Or look at the slanted ladder.
Can "rock climb" up too.
But, Omg luh, kids these days so strong meh?
Damn scary.

Look @ the pple behind me !
They look so freaking SMALL which shows how high up i was man.
Okay okay, and i knw i looked superb odd, i was so freaking scared!


Miss you!

Sometimes in life,
Not knowing if you did the right thing.
you felt that it's meaningless.

He acted as Rui in Hana yori Dango
& Sana in Hana Kimi !
Before knowing that they're actually the same person,
I tot that Bernard looks like them/him!
woohoo, HOTNESS.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Flea Fly Flo

@ HomeClub.

I'm selling the tee (NEW ONES) @ $18 $15!!
Sales available till March! Only Limited pieces!
Do email me if you're interested.

Place your Orders NOW.



Wear PinkVoltage today!

Shisuta ^^

Having Fun!

How i love it! So original and nice!
Very affordable price!!!

okay, everyone loves my leopard sweater.
See it for yourself.

W Jomaine.
She's wearing it !

Kiss me !

L0ve ya!



Teisei {V}

Passerby : though idk what you're saying that's nice, but thanks :)

Ben~Desmond : Thanks! yae, handsome bernard did make up for me :)
& wow , hebe .

Crystal : We can all be beethoven ^^ maybe next time we can try on lyf?!!
and yar, a long kun cong doing sync swim. must be sexy!

Tessa : Where got slow! and i update more than you do lor!
Make sure the cookie doesnt smell bad okay! ^^

Dearest : Yes dearest, i miss you too! study hard.

Madelyn : Thanks ! yes it's NICE .

shuang : Thanks girl.

Meiling : hmm hmm, cream cake? there's so many fun incidents within us previously.
Which one was it? send me send me! ^^
Miss you!

Kaiting : Thanks dear^

Aelws : that was a fact :)

Slowly, it penetrates my invisible one.

He's just not that into me.

Like Chris B wasnt that into Ri.

Screw Bastard Chris Brown.
I know this news had been quite sometimes alr.
But this was what chris did to Rihanna!
Pics : Perez hilton


He's just not that into you
or rather me. sigh.

A pretty Good movie.
Scarlett Johannson is HOT .
rating : 3.2/5

" Random"
Pink Panther : 2.5/5
Curious Case of Benjamin button : 3.8/5

Yey, i love my leopard skirt!

Where's my tighs ? hahah.
okay, i know i looked weird.
idk why, but i looked pretty weird this days man.
I think it's the lack of quality beauty sleep.

took neoprints before the movie .
Gosh , NEOPRINTS sounds ancient.

yae, watched w these sweets.

future tp students.

Love, no ting and claire.

Yae, raise your hands up and do SCREAMMMMO!
plus headbangs!

Love camming!

Hall 7.

QP Prawns.



I really looked weird, shut up.

Sheryl and Shuang.

Dined @ Astons' @ SSC.
Pretty good food,
But i still prefer Botak Jones more.


Shuang and Vin.
haha. & he heard all our gossips.

Yey, FOOD.

Idk , my camera is blurrrrrrrr.

A guy will ask you out , if he's really interested.

Anw, I know you guys love my new blog's image right! :)