Saturday, February 28, 2009

After o lvls ended.
I did practically nothing.
Nothing in the sense that is meaningful.
I fucking dk what the hell is wrong w me man.
Having no job and spending money all while.
Wasting my life away.
Not improving on dance,
not touching my guitar for holy 5 months.
Like, omg,
just to realise.
I'm pretty disappointed w myself.

've become such a lazy assbum,
That everyone has been complaining about.
& i did do some household chores here and there;
Almost just like a housewife.
oh, gaining a few crazy pounds too.

That's definitely not the real Jolene okay!
-I'll look for a job on monday.

-& put everything else in order .

-Register for my poly course on monday ( plug in printer)

-Go medical checkup soon.
Uh, I think medical checkup is so f-ing TROUBLESOME.

- Take passport photo
(I've always thought that passport photo is the most not flattering pics!)
Maybe i can splash on some foundation and eyelash.

Argggghhhhh, It's that kind of period whereby you're irritated by yourself.

* I have removed the content warning thingy.
*Edison Chen is SO HOT.

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