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Monday, February 23, 2009

He's just not that into me.

Like Chris B wasnt that into Ri.

Screw Bastard Chris Brown.
I know this news had been quite sometimes alr.
But this was what chris did to Rihanna!
Pics : Perez hilton


He's just not that into you
or rather me. sigh.

A pretty Good movie.
Scarlett Johannson is HOT .
rating : 3.2/5

" Random"
Pink Panther : 2.5/5
Curious Case of Benjamin button : 3.8/5

Yey, i love my leopard skirt!

Where's my tighs ? hahah.
okay, i know i looked weird.
idk why, but i looked pretty weird this days man.
I think it's the lack of quality beauty sleep.

took neoprints before the movie .
Gosh , NEOPRINTS sounds ancient.

yae, watched w these sweets.

future tp students.

Love, no ting and claire.

Yae, raise your hands up and do SCREAMMMMO!
plus headbangs!

Love camming!

Hall 7.

QP Prawns.



I really looked weird, shut up.

Sheryl and Shuang.

Dined @ Astons' @ SSC.
Pretty good food,
But i still prefer Botak Jones more.


Shuang and Vin.
haha. & he heard all our gossips.

Yey, FOOD.

Idk , my camera is blurrrrrrrr.

A guy will ask you out , if he's really interested.

Anw, I know you guys love my new blog's image right! :)

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