Saturday, December 29, 2007

MANNS, people!
in just a wink , and i really mean a WINK , year 2007 is gonna be a history . No more of this year anymore, nothing is gonna repeat exactly the same this year.
Do some reviews of this year, regardless if it've been good , bad , extremely joyous , happening or ultra emotional . i bet something WOW , revolutional must have happened this year. something atonishing , that have not been expected.

New people that you've met this year, frens that left you . Stuffs that were not supposedly to happened. AWWWS. ):

Damn damn , i 'm feeling damn freaking mixed up . Deploreness surrounds and fill me in man.
Weets, people, really , from the bottom of my heart , Yes , Record your reviews down in a book or just something. but remb to record it in something black and white. as in a hard copy.

YEAR2007 ;
-a year to much to lament , a year too much to smile.

[a series of pictures that witnessed my year(below)]
from jan to march.


THAT's ALL for JANUARY - MARCH 07. i've got more but 'm too tired to upload.

deepest crush for this year - frankie , dfzy.
`XUAN - have you noticed there's not blue sky?