Wednesday, October 17, 2007

note of the day : ridiculous bitch.
get a life. stop being insecure (:
your acts revealed signs of kiddish , & i think even a teenager like me deal stuffs better than yous (:

; went eunos with chuwen , taitais,amanda, benson.
; took a weird number bus, and i past kaikai's house! was abit high.
; sat bus 854 back to yishun , past a stop that fzy and i boarded b4 and beneo's church.
ironic memories.

my blog is so dead.

my fye results :
╤Elective geog = 28/50
╤Chinese = 44/70
╤physics = 32/50
╤ MATHS 29/100

hate all this arse. i did study . ):

`MISSCROSSES; hate me all you wanted, you're just a pea.

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