Tuesday, October 16, 2007

PS; i drew the following pictures in this post. and i quite liked it.


Goals and expections are such far cry.
what is the purpose of having goals when you aint even supposed to reach them.
setting higher aims , means higher disappointment. i'm sorrys if i'm disheartening but human beings are supposed to live up to others' expectations. shit it. and i can clearly stand out and say, i 'm stinking up to whoever's expectation of me.

i'm changing , so much. till i do not understand whad's good for me anymore. i live for myself, anticipate love to shower on me. but obstacles do happen. my human rights are so murdered by assasins like expectations, views and opinions.
i thought that i had always been myself in front of everyone. i do not know why but i felt so exhausted, so sick of everything in life. is being aimless better? or having a goal that you know that you will never get approval better? and when you try to pursue, you would be seen as rebelious.

i'm just a teenager who wanna absorb all the essence of youth , pursue dream and deem respect.
ii've lost it.

i hate life. i hate stacking up my arse to tender into your words.

i'm losing more than i have. so much more. i'm changing , alot. i've became much unfriendlier, fierce, crude, uncouth, bore-so-much-hate. manns, who loves me?

& i dunnoe whad helps.

get lost and stares off me.
ii dun like friends, mine. whad's all this for?
ii aint initiating much contacts to people. be glad if i do so.

and i dun wish to contact those "frens" who are ungrateful , unappreciative and take things for granted. i aint obliged to do whadever.


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