Thursday, July 19, 2007

3D`07 bazaar! come on and let uur kisses turn "SUGAR! , SPICE'D'! , & EVERYTHING NICE!" bet cha had seen this ard the sch?tempted? rush down for the limited edition!.anws, ii made this flier (:

to those pple in 3d`07,

ii'm sorryys if ii had been kinda bossyy this few days regarding the bazaar. sorryys.

let's hope that every thing will running smoothly for us. may the above, bless. (:

in my newly ollected lolita and headress :)

hots for red. (:

fish for me! (:

blogg more next time. got time but dunn feel like blogging.

ii'm so not on beat with everyone else.

the beat that ii'm playing..

gosh, way slow. way wrong.

blocked paths.

gentle moments.

little sun rays had reached.


karma, chastisement , will fall upon.

get the right music,

let rhythm takes me,

be it the tune that fills me.

be on the beat.

`CROSSES. let me be pampered once your arms.

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