Thursday, May 10, 2007

oh loveess. ii'm once again here .
having physic andd ii dint even touch my book.
WORSE than chemistry.

ii seriouslyy doesnt noe whyy lar.

ii feel so unhappyy being wid uu gals.

my mood cann be affected by the slightest things uu gals do.

and OBVIOUS, uu gals get veryys sensitive and feel veryys irritated by the most little comment ii made.

whad de fcuk .

ii dunn feel happyy.

ii feel so left out.

ii feel like ii'm there ALONE.

ii feel like crying.

but, ii've to be strong.

ii dunnwanna regret anymore.

ii will just do whadd ii wann to do .

ii just miss those GOOD OLD DAYS, we used to have.

the more tt ii'm too comfortable wid uu gals , perhaps it also shows the more ii dunn feel comfy.


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it's real eyelashes.
`crosses. ii'm out there. so far. remoted. isolated.
p.s / ii aint invisible. ii'm real.

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