Friday, February 22, 2008

crawled out of the gallow ; escape.


Today ;

It've been such a day .

*BadBad, not to be expected results.

*I lodged a complaint to the town council person for getting paint all over my door and shoes.

*I dun like john lim's SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWMOOOOO and DRAGGGGGGGGGGGGGY lectures. It teleports me to tralalalalala land.

* I hate it when i wished for you, when i know things are impossible.

That sounds so much like i'm a terrible person. but i'm not!

Grins (:

Glad to eat alone for recess . never ate something alone before. adeva and tessa were sitting beside me and not eating. It cheered me up a little!

I had a good nap just now.

i'm actually sad for my just pass results, shows that i'm caring for them .

Gotta the very funny book to read. Ting dear's book!

Initially to have so many programmes tml , but but! There's some supposed to be important parent talk.


ME and ruting taitai. imh!

Me and adeva. MY Recess mate! :D

okays, my recess mates.

some compliment for our class. Look, 4d kinda rocks okays.

Me and Crystal with our qian da thing. Imh!

Who ever understands the agony

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