Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've decided to upload a whole chunk of pictures up my friendster. ha.
It's quite a bit i think.
Human nature , self centered.
Thinking so much for others ,
I just realised that i've got not much heart to heart friends either. Joy o , not. and 116.blahblahblah. I conclude you stay somewhere woodlands. It changes everytime anws , what the fuck is wrong with you? Stop all your insane nonsense . And to people unsatisfied with my appearances and my post , i need not your approval to survive . Stop acting like yo're jealous. Yo hate me? At least you are taking notice of me isnt it? I need no attention of yours as i got my Lovable friends and people who like me. You have bad bad mentality and hard to succeed . May god bless you okay? (: See , i'm so kind.


I seriously miss gg with CRYSTALCHUA! editing:Crystal:)

Gummy hearts.

Bean bean ! I look distorted.

Me,dear,jun he. Quite awhile back.


EMOeee Bryan.

The peach is like on top of th cake!

Pretty , aint it?

This 2 tier cake costs holy $130 and weighs 3Kg.

Axesist and Yan!

Let's ROAR.


Heelo sister!

Flirt with the camera.


Insanity bomb.

Some cam shots.


Brayden , nice name! who's cuter? Brayden or bryan ? TAG!

See , this is only the peach. It not hollow ! It's made up of white chocolate and filled with yummy, fluffy cake!

This , Eternity Sweet Love.

His stories , his field.

Sing with the best vocals!

Finally, you see my Jawsist!

Thanks for th concern friends ,
My legs are Still swollen and i cant climb stairs. HAHA.
It still hurts but still ,
Worry not alright.
I'm gonna miss basketball this wednesday and no more retake of napha for me .

Just like those superficials.

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