Friday, March 06, 2009


Wed: Steamboat.
Thurs : Sushi buffet.
Fri : A total choc treat.

Thanks so much Clar.
It's really so sweet for you to pop by and leave quietly.
Sorry but, i'm really not someone who is good at consolling.
as you've said, i'm just nothing but full of crap i guess.

And yae, she left a 10 cent coin.
Is it like an emergency coin to call you ? ha.

I hate P.

Okay, A Giant.
A giant-eater.
Not that i eat giant,
but almost hitting on that.

My appetite is like a giant.

Yae, so what you ing?



And i was trying to style my hair and make it look like a hairband.
And apparently, sorta failed and end up having bad hair day,

Just never get enough.

love those blues. Was using the eye shadow from sihui and crystal.
Oh, i miss them.

So steamboat was w lovely!

Gosh, seaweed is GROSS.

The deepfried bun is amazing! and i cant remember how many we ate.

We were like thinking which restaurant to go to. lol.
If there's 20 shops on liang seah street , there'ld be 20 steamboat restaurant :)

So , what're you ing.

okay, i'm a messy eater.
ONLY during steamboat :)


okay, not the first day you know me .

Crystalism! loves!

Satisfied, and i think crystal was SO ASTONISHED by my appetite.

And the next day , went sakae and had 33 plates worth of food w sist.

Dont want to be a giant like me?
You can eat seven joule worth of food ,
and go ahead to be a model,
or a patient in the mental instituition first.
good luck.

Remb, seven joule makes you slim.

XoXo, J.

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