Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This is what you call love.

My Ah ma is so adorable!
She dated me out to bugis!
Damn Cute right!

Camped at her house the whole sunday.

Ignore th smile.

Multi Coloured vest + green mango tank + high waisted shorts.

The simplest luxury;
pork porridge , sunny side up.

well, camera couldnt focus the other way round!
why my lumix like that?


The uber cute ones, the cousins i mentioned previously ^^
I wore my mummy's sandals.

Blow it away.

-To the sour grape eaters:
Just STFU.
If you dint get into your desired course because your grades dint make it.
Or you cant get into the course that i got into, Apparel Designing and Merchandising.
Dont go ard and tell ppl that "Jolene got into a STUPID COURSE!"?
How stupid is stupid? like, wtf.
And it's not like you know a single f about it.
If you can get in th course, den we shall see about it.
and, it's demoralising.

Anw, FYI , it was my first choice okay and i've got 4 As,2 B3 & 1 C for olvls btw.
It's not like i've got 11 As, but shut it.

^Edited the adidas post.

Stop it,
Stop being so demoralising.
I'm worried bout my capabilities.
Shut it.

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