Thursday, February 09, 2006

HE lOveS hEr.. Ma` heart blE3ds
nice soul help me ask who he loves/lik
he ansed back which iish her
i loves him
he loves her

ma` heart sobx
it ache
weneva i c u
however , i tink u r so cute
so loveliie
u changed ur smile
somehow or rather
love it
so special
such a cutiiez
but i 'm so sad..
unable to reach for ya
so near yet so far
ma` heart iish equiavalent to thosand of needles and arows piercin thru
u loves her
she 's so nice..
but ma` heart was wounded seriousli
such a sadist
my heart is dyin
i felt lik cryin wen i look at u in class
s0bBinz lik mad
would u noe ma` heart or neva??
i would make it clear to u
givin u a v'dae present
to hint u
under manniiex' encouragement..
u mae reject but ma` heart will stop pumpin
die instantliie
on da spot
u dun noe ma` heart
//*love ya//*noe ma` heart//* followin tactic(lolz)//*

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