Friday, February 03, 2006

mei n qiao

MeIzz and QiA0..they rawkxX

wen we r walkin towards ma` hus smoke from a clump of bushes..
smellie lopz..
den the "jiang jiang zhi guo" which ish meiling as da zhu jiang which means captain, qiao hui as la jiao jiang which is chilli sauce , den i 'm the tomato sauce which ish fan qie jiang..decided to help!! hahas

we walk back to ma` hus slowli sia..hahas
grab a few 'huge water bottle..refilled..we went down laughin lik mad...
den we 1, 2, 3 den we pour da water on da ^ veri big^ fire hahas..
we've saved sembawang!!we've saved part of singapore which also contributed to the efforts of savin the earth da world..
we rawkXx...
Btw.. yih chyan ..i 'm not angriie wid ya horx...
not tt xiao qi..
erm..den after tt they came ma`hus to do wad ..guess bah.. hahas ..
we gambled...plaed blackjack and dai di or sumting li k tt de..hahas fun sia!
den after tt we had beer hahas..shhhh...& maniie cokes and stuffs ...
switched one da airc on and relax.. hahas..
SUmting disgustin happened..hahas
meiling suddenlie sae wad roll and plae wid da armpits ' hair hahas..
den we laugh lik mad...
WE RAWKXxXxx..!!

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