Wednesday, February 15, 2006

gave him da giftiie yesterdae..
kaylin n bernice ask him to look into his baggie...
i tink he looked..
tink he went home le den open it..

i love him..
tinkin of him..
love him more by bit each dae..
bit more by each min each second..

so sad..
didnt tok to him for '2 daes'??
sadistic mie..
he seems to be ignorin miie...
or shld i sae avoidin??
bleeds more...

haiis ...
is lovin someone so terrible..
so painful??
makin ma life a sadistic on3

received presents for valentines todae..yay! but got a bit too late

i wan him to feel da same wae for me lik i felt for him...
fallin deeper in love wid him...

noe ma` hearttie .. would u??
maebe u noe le..
but no nid for u to avoid me de lo...]
tell miie tt u dun lik me den can le...
den wounds of mine would jus multipliie lik da bacteria in warm conditions..
pierced..rubbed ..drowned..heart...


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