Friday, August 10, 2007

shit, aint studdying. common test is like in three days time? and ii dint give a fcuk.

krunk2 was okayys, except the fact tt ii was having terrible stomache.
ii miss dex.LOLS.
jamie is hot, her figure is like wow.
solomon is quite cute to0s. l0ls.
ii still miss dex ! gees.
but still, ii prefer partying in a club rather den a stupid beach and on sand.

ii waited for amanda's call till ii fell aslp on my sofa yest nite. geees.

ii wanna watch alone and disturbia, anyone? hahas.

hi yp! hahas, he's quite cute also. he looks like locke from hellvens except his hair is short.
no pics pple! SWINE!
guilt, whadd've ii done.
ii hate me.

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