Thursday, October 11, 2007

came across this thing, oh yeahs, it's for my birthdate 25may92. michelle this is for yous too! :D

click for bigger image. it's my tarot cards. from facebook.

it states that my power cards are THE LOVER AND THE FOOL.

The Lovers indicates both the most powerful of unions and the most challenging of conflicts. On one side, The Lover’s embodies love and union on a cosmic scale. A love so strong, so inherently good that it actually makes the lovers better. All of the elements are there for the perfect union. The Lovers represent all powerful unions in general and the elements that sustain them. The problem The Lovers face is temptation and the decision to act immorally to take advantage of other opportunities that would be defined as transgressions.The Lovers influence is increased when The Empress is among your personal cards. Having The Hierophant or The Hermit in your personal cards may diminish the influence of the Lovers.

This card represents the dreamer in you, the idealist, the mystic. The Fool desires to do great things, but is often unaware of just how difficult great things are to do. He must always be very careful of the choices he makes, and remember that knowledge is his ally. The Fool often symbolizes a new beginning, unrestrained optimism and curiosity that hasn’t been dulled by time. While The Fool may well indicate a lack of experience or grasp of the pitfalls along the path he is taking, it is equally true that his lack of experience leads him to believe all things are possible, which brings nearly impossible goals within his grasp.When The Hanged Man or The Star are among your personal cards, the influence of The Fool may be increased. Having The Devil in your personal cards may diminish the influence of The Fool.

Your Desire Cards
-Focus on your ambitions and dreams.

The Hermit denotes a need to have some space between you and everyday hustle and bustle of a busy world. The Hermit needs to retreat. Indeed, happiness for The Hermit requires seclusion, freedom for material wants and time for intense introspection. The answers The Hermit needs cannot be found in our physical world. The truths he seeks are internal and spiritual. The distraction of a well developed social life can only impede his quest for personal truths. Still, The Hermit does sometimes need to share time with others so that he can learn or teach, guide or be guided. The Hermit’s time spent amongst people depletes his energy quickly. To avoid an overlord, he has to retreat from social settings quickly.When The High Priestess is among your personal cards, the influence of The Hermit may be increased. Having The World or The Lovers in your personal cards may diminish the influence of The Hermit.

Your Lucky Cards
-Represent elements that favor you.

(omigud. death is my lucky card.)(the definition had elaborated on what i meant by the beauty of death.)
First and foremost, Death does not specifically pertain to our physical death. The Death card marks ends and beginnings. Although most illustrations of the Death card tend to be morbid, the forces behind the Death card are actually quite exciting. Yes, Death does mark the end of something, but ends are often brought about by completion and not loss. Most endings are actually good, and make room for us to begin new adventures.When The Tower is among your personal cards, the influence of Death may be increased. Having The Fool or The Empress in your personal cards may diminish the influence of Death.

& there's so much more. haha. (:

oh yeahs, and ii would like to address that i dun really enjoy anonimity if any of my blog. (: chills.

there's some sort of like an outing within the cherry jms luhs. which is consisting of yokting,ruting,qiaohui,meiling and me of course.
it's tml . i freaking dun feel like going at all. idk why, but i'm kinda clear that sometime it isnt as joyous uhs. whad's the point of not being happy . boo ):
death is lucks.

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