Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Scream against the fungi!

Dont allow my blog to die please!

yes yes, i like Reivax :) [i'm doing what my horoscope says]
in fact, almost like an obsession.
kee siao.

To taitai : i've not talked to you during the past weeks! ):

I still gotta tonsa of pictures.

And i love them!

The tuggy warriors. We got pwned in like less than 30 secs.

I know this is a total random post!
I gg night studies in school. I will peel skins off the people who are VERY NOISY AND IRRITATE ME.

Recently, i kept feeling worn out.
I had dreams . Sometimes , nightmares which i cant imagine saying about it again.
I dreamt about superband, and Reivax. The Humongous Crazy stalker (she aint a stalker of me luh) became a relief teacher in my school! WAA.
I feel like Eating fishballs.
I cant remb what i just said, heard, thought or read. And it feels, pretty terrible.

Acts in the lightnings.

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