Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm gonna miss halloween! BOOOO ):

halloween 07.

halloween 06. (eh, last time really quite skinny , ooops)
NO HALLOWEEN 2008 for me!!!?!!?

well , enjoy all the fun for me okay readers:)
And remember to collect extra some treats for me! -winks

okay, OMG, i totally need the following.

Y A chocolate therapy

chocolate never fails to release the endorphines in me. wooo~

♥ Exercise regimen

    The stress load dampens the fat burning process, Time to PAY!

♥make $$$

i'm gonna be like FREAKING BROKE after i'm back from taiwan.
Someone gimme alot of money please! =^w^=

Ymake $$$

♥Practice my guitar!

yes man! My guitar teacher always ask me to practice. But like hello, like i've got the time to do so? and i'm so sorry glenn, always slowing the class down. woops.




yey, back to reunite with my ultimate sweethearts!


♥And most of all , BEAUTY SLEEP!

omg, my dark circles are overlapping my eyes ):


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