Monday, March 09, 2009


My Favorite 3 from here :

Fafi girls are just so irresistibly adorable .

Damn candy !

I love this .

Images from :
(Do visit, Great art!)
Inspired ....

I became a fafinette too! :D

Went town w sist on saturday!
- I wore my top tucked in.


Is it weird?

The new out is IN.

-And tucked out.

I kept changing it tucked in and tucked out cos i felt werid.

& , my false lashes sorta lost its stickiness and the front part

& obviously i felt SOOOOOOO embarassed by my own lashes ):
Dint really shopped well but managed to get a pair of heels.
Black somemore.
This season is supposed to be nude.

Painted my nails this metallic pale pink and i'm loving it.

Looking for cheap nail gem stickers! You can email me!
Or Some really cheap places to do elaborating Manicures.
Shop owners im willing to do advs for sponsors!


You gave me th ever best dreams .

Sleep , Fafinette . Sleep .

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