Thursday, April 02, 2009


Candles sound sweet and romantic;
on the other hand, It burns.

Before anything,
Watch this vid. SO SO SO SO SO ADORABLE!
wonder baby vs wondergirls.

-& omg, the tp students came over my place to pass me the orentation camp letter. and i was in PYJAMAS! omg. anw, it's so sweet of them!

J crosses.

Grandad's 80th!
I love YOU , Ah Gong!!~

Us all, the grandchildren.

Th adorable kids!!

Candid man.


Always, w love .


Great pic! thanks Jason!
Jess, Jaws, 阿公,Jolene, Lewis.

Pile on.

Cousin samuel.

Grandparents w clarice.

Greatest love.


wine leads to Cam whoring!
only true to a certain extent i think.

Lovely sisters.
@ the verge of laughter.


MUM's, 18th march.
I seriously wonder why i always fall sick on my mummy's birthday.
Argh, fever is out to celebrate.
-Had Dinner at Furama Hotel.

pale; Maybe.

Us all w/o jessist.

Looking back,
It's nostalgic.
; unlike the present.

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