Saturday, May 09, 2009

Fakenism .

This speaks Holqa and Dance.
Rotate around! :D
(if you readers still remb, i did one for ethereal too :)
Dance is one of our holqa cheer though, aint speaking own interest.


CJ used LQTM , Den i was thinking WTH?!
This is pretty cute right! heh.
sounds a lil like i'm a autism kid ( reminds me of crystal! hehe)
*But Crystal is a normal kid .

Yey. Prata bomb is definitely something to look forward when you're feeling insane.
Yeap, i ate it.


After my previous white one which is still surviving after 2 years:)

I know it's nice, So shut up!


SCHOOL- Uniform day.

Baile, look at her top! So cool right!
Baile means dance in spain!!
And seph thought it was BARBIE.

Glenda! Blue eyes!

I kicked her chair and fell in class, still damn pain! haha.



Grace again! heh.

Seph! :D

Only guy in class.

Anzoe. Cute one!

she is always looking so happy!
Ps: Aint a bunny okay! hah.

Caiyu! :D Happy birthday! (8thmay)

Those in uni.

Yuko! Pretty!

& this is keith!! My digital essential lecturer.

Good school girl as always!

Anw, By merit or by luck that i got in tpde, whatever.

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