Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A short sweet phase.


Our Story - Tension

Being next to you
I wonder there will still be how long
What can I do to let the time goes backwards
Need to treasure even one minute or one second
Hold tightly to your hand
Not willing to loosen
10:30 flight is waiting
Do not want to let my tears flow again
I must leave
You must remember

Our story
Very hard to forget
Too much memory and hope
I don't care how crazy they are
I am willing to keep for my whole life

Our story
Could not forget
Too many plot that I want to develop
Do not give up
Because one day fate will continue

I know you are lonely
It is really hard to be alone
Missing is a kind of pain
Without you, tell me how could I live
My side is full of temptation
It will be easy to commit mistake if not firm
Could you foresee the fruit of future
Are you willing to keep

Let us finish the act together

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