Wednesday, September 02, 2009

No Techniques.

Amateur in dance.
but the fact is that i have been dancing for quite some years.
without techniques.

Fuck this consciousness.

people used to tell me i have great sense of groove, flow and all.
that's before hearing techniques.
and now i am like a coward not daring to dance infront of any crowd.
even with the pple i used to be most comfortable with.
fuck this.

Without even knowing technique and all,
I can feel dance , groove.
No longer.

Eaten by techniques?
Most prolly.

Heck techniques?
without it, it seems like a dancer is an empty vessel.
so how.

I suck at techniques.
I suck at dance.

I miss days whereby dancing is without worries.

used to Freestyle without feeling fucking conscious.
I suck now.

Improve, but how.

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