Monday, February 15, 2010


Some are worth mentioning ,
Some, just wished they werent .
Claire Aimee Francis , is such friend,
whose name is worth mentioning.

This post is really random.
but i'm uber glad to have such an awesome friend.
whom i 'm proud to spell FRIEND.

She's such woman.
Hold you up in the sky when you felt the world is crashing down.
Says the most sensible comment that piece a broken one all together.

Notices the minor little things, troubles etc.
Gives the most inspiring comments.
Sharing herself to us, selflessly.
I really adore her much!
Like, she's someone who's so great.
Always someone to look up to.
No matter how tough life's ,
it's always pleasing to have such friend by my side.
Random but yes, as said before, Claire Francis aka my la jiao lesbo partner.

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