Monday, March 01, 2010

sorry, losing faith.

we're both,


by all this shit.

i just happen to know.
Did i not make the effort?
Did i try not to understand?

Did i try my best to break your heart?
Did i say i not love you any longer?

Did i fall asleep on purpose?
Did i get upset because i want to?

Did i ever place a single blame on you?
Did i demanded for calls?

Was i ever not appreciative?

You always made it sound like i tried to kill our love in the various possible ways.
which at moments, felt so extreme and overwhelming.
you just cant always sound that way.
And, dont remove the post.
it's never always a '*hug*' and 'sorry' thing.

Some little sweet things that i have tried , it doesnt even feels like you like them.
I questioned myself, is it that i've done not enough.
You dont even speak.
when you feel hurt.
it's not even healthy for a relationship.
i'm not goddess, i'm no saint.
i dont take psychology to read minds.
i wouldnt know.

no body has to do things,
out of habit.
Do it, because you want to.
Love me because you need to.
Not too fine.
I never knew.
I could bring about such pang, misery, pain, unhappiness.
maybe i'm sour burden.
I never i was such witch.

some heart pill to strengthen up.
i feel hurt .
what we always do ,
doesnt seem enough for each other.
Dont compliment.

Let's just,
go and suck up some joy.


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