Sunday, August 15, 2010

I know. Eleventh.

-I know i have a heart. Because it's hurting, so bad that it breaks sometimes.

Happy 11 months being together.

I am glad
- that we are till today
- that we still talk
- that we still joke like how we used to
- that we still make fun and tease each other
- you still call

I dont like it
- when you have new girls , when there' aint lil . I really dont know what you want
- words can make or break. be sensitive, be mindful
- sometimes, be reminded that i'm alive,

i got eyes, i can see,
i have emotions, you ain stimulating ,
i have a heart, that is breaking,
i have a body, tired from fighting;

I wanna see you wanna touch you wanna hug you wanna kiss you

i'm a girl,
i need assurance.

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