Monday, August 09, 2010





Hello everyone,

wha'ts good!
After all those shit, man, i'm not gg new york.
yae, so, the longer i cant get to see Martin.

I dont know what's now.



Once twice thrice.

Shame, everyone clearly sees none in you.
Just keep your arms to your own guy.
Stop trying to have some flirtatious affairs with other pep's.
It's disgusting alright?
Sometimes, you try so hard, it tickles.
Made me laugh in ridicule.
Seriously, Fuck off and stop messing around.
you never know what i would do.
Fucktard. Back off.

Definitely , i dont know what you want.
or you gain joy by the tiny bit of attention.

Same goes for guys,
who are usually senseless and pays no attention to your girls feeling.
Too bad, you might just lose a precious.
Dont cry, or whine.
Just before it's too late.

And Guys,
stop trying to add girls and tryna hit on them online.
To be truthful, it never work.
at least, not on me.
You can try on the shameless person i mentioned above.

Stepping on my toes too hard,
make yours amputated.



Giving in, Being sweet.
Coaxing , Caring.
Putting in effort
is all part of love.
Have you forgotten?

Sometimes, i wonder .

should i still say, those three words...


Blogging soon! :
- Outing w TMS, alot of pics!
-Claire's Birthday

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