Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 1-Lovers to bestfriend


We've decided to move on be best friends of each.

Someone gotta tell me how to do it.

Yae, it was a mutual decision.

We thought that it's the best way out for both of us.


It was one of the most memorable dates.
The way we embraced this love was incredible.

It was our one year anniversary.
Perhaps the first and last in the near years.
I will post up some stuff that I did for him.
Hope the surprises fed you.


Just felt like a part pf me is no longer here.
More than words could just spell my feelings.
I have decided not to spill my emotions.
Keep everything in.
Keep calm and Keep numb.
Boyfriend to Best Friend.
Too cruel a reality.
Too painful a fact.

Nonetheless, i know, we still love each other.

If only next time,
some years down the road,
I still want to hold hug kiss you.
Remember that lil voucher okay?

If only you never left.
If only you'were always mine.
I love you,
I miss you.


If we were meant for each other ,
we will be.
not now, maybe later.


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