Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It had been long since we went out together.

this is my third entry since i woke up tis mornin.

em, .. should i sae it is yesterdae mornin?

I met up wid my ssecond sista , Jessica , to go jurong pt .
it wasn da actual plan.
actualli i had planned to go out wid my jawslyn sis but it 's not confirm yet.
so , lata on , we three sista hang out at jurong pt.
notin much to shop there , actualli.
went to collect daa Swatch watch which meant to be a christmas present to my mom by jessica sista
my jess sista ate a bowl of tom yum mee boon kuey ,i mean tom yum sounds realli nice
but i dun lik to eat tom yum outside!
i have had a few sips of the soup and i tink it is pretti nice and delicious and real hot!
it's quite highli recommended !
it 's at da hawker centre at b1 ^[(i tink so)]^.
My meals for da dae:
  • a not-veri-nice muffin (from chocolat and spice)[buy onlipz da chocolates ones!It's simpli babelicious]
  • not much water(not healthy!)
  • a prima deli wafer..

tt's all ! and i was rather happi wid it ..coz i dun realli feel hungry and i can cut on da` callories intake!

time is gettin quite lata ..notin much to write more!

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