Monday, December 19, 2005

went car washin yesterdae

Yesterdae , I was almost bored to death .
Luckily , my eldest sister took me car washing.
it is to help her school , nayang technology university *[(ntu)]*mass com to raise fund for da
next year camp.
My dad drove us to east coast.
Car washing mae be quite tiring but it was kinda fun.

We took da sponges out from a pail of soapie water*[(car soap)]*and started to give da

cars a nice bath by scrubin hem` gentli? forcefulli?
i dunnoe..^^
After a very nice scrub , da whole car will be lik covered in foamie cottons . ^_hahas_^
Den da pple who are waitin to rinse de cars will use containers to scoop water out from a pail and
start pourin water over da cars .
Aft da caar is lik new and WET , pple wid 'dry' cloths and newspaper will wipe and dry da
windows and da car.

There is a guy whose birthdae falls on yesterdae.

We were lik washin a car wen a lady [(*shld be one of da frenz*)] brought a choc cake from
chocolat and spice and den we sang a b'dae song for tt b'dae guy {[(^shld be rong jun or sumting
lik tt^)]} and we left de car tt we were washin there( ¼soaped ,¼ rinsed ,¼ dried , ¼stained)
aft da whole song was sang , photos taken , den we realised tt da car owner was standin behind his own car starin at us. It was lik so funni.

one of my sista's fren is lik damn cool . Her skin colour is so loveli! she swam for Singapore and won da silver medal for singapore south east asia tingie *[(last time)]*.
My sista's frens are all quite friendli and nice .They were all lik havin a time of great fun.
However. it was rather wierd as it's lik i was with a group of people who's much older den me.

over all , the whole car wash is filled with fun!

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