Monday, June 19, 2006

happy daddy's dae!!
muacks muacks to all daddy-s in da world!!
i bought a cake..shared wid axes sista ..yea mann...

how did u guys celebrate?

actually, i had tot of it before.
y do pple actually place mom's day lik more important than daddy's dae?

yays! my sista[(axes)] managed to get tix for tml's superband result show!
isnt tt great?

the mo0n is so bright n nice man!
it's 1/2 moon tonite..
wish i could amire it wid sumone whom i tink is really cool..

found a new function for adobe photoshop..
yea..editted quite a few pictures tt i've updated yeaterdae((i tink))

cant upload a lot as bloggger is always lik tt

dancing babes!! rYtefully 14 .dun mess.


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