Tuesday, June 20, 2006

man tou

oh dear...Qi;nobe got out!
so sad okaYs?

(Warning: you might find this offensive cos it's perhaps applicable to you? so you're advised not to read on if you think ii might be flaming you. however, it's just my honest personal opinion. no worries. no vulgarities. cheers!)this tingiie is from zhi yang's blog..zhi yang , hope u wont mind!!

addin on:man tou supporters..u may tink it is realli offendin..sorry..i'm jus postin wadeva i lik.
man tou should be out !!

they cant sing..
bad instrument playin..
n the lead singer cant dance!
the previous attempt to dance had became a joking matter..
they cant SING as well as brods..
they cant DANCE lik soul..
they cant RAP lik QI;nobe..
they cant PLAY their instruments as well as LUCIFY..
they cant be as FUN as AMber..

it dun make sense at all..
no creativity!

okays..i shall stop all the critism on man tou..

i went for the results show yesterday.
GREAT ting tt lucify got in quite soon..
alfred from soul is lik superb charming!
his smile can melts everyone!
was pretty sad tt Qi;nobe is out..

stayin at ..doin notin..

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