Sunday, August 20, 2006

HEYYs hO everyone!!!
kiinda long siince ii've blogged!
those pictures below are summary of myy recent happenings??hahas..last few weeks..anw..everyone tagged myy bloggiie ish bein linkKed up!check em` out!

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ego-istic?ha.to0 badd.r uu jealous cos uur pictures frightens uu?X)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting's aint scariie.

i seriouslyy nidd to sit down and study.
wad courses can ii take?
i'm not good in .ART.ENG.SCIENCE.MATHS.
how da hell m i gonna succeed in life?
tell me ppl! tell me!

rYTefully 14 most probablyy ish dancin on TEACHER"s dae.
the hsm's we 're all in this together.
.bless us.

oh yea.after goiin to benE0's church, i met up widd` qia0huii.

wen we were headiin back at the mRT station, we saw a guyy who ish lik DAM DAM look-alike of JAY CHOU!JAY CHOU!i seriouslyy tink it's guyy waved to us u noe!! hahas.quite shuaii.=X

-LoVe lOst miiEs-

i wish i'm heard
those conversatons that youu have made,
Tears were shed
words wasnt been heard.
Theyy weren't for me.
Jealousy roamed,and it searched me.

The ache,the love.
The more,it increases.
drowned by sorrow,blinded by dispute.
Those dayys we endured,had been mute.

Love's bluff
I thought the love was true.
However it doesnt rule.
may the faiint ,
make uu tame.
Love was so untrue.

LOVE lOSt miies

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