Sunday, August 20, 2006


ever tried to dropp into a hot water wen u onli wanted to plae widd the waterr?

ting dear's hus ish like so so NICE!
we were dancin in the club hus.which was located beside the hot water pool.
ting sent kaylin off, den vEroCk,CRabbieS,tHenG,beAn & me went in n giv our legg a "good soak"?

den theyy were like tryin to move to the other side of the pool.they were there wen ii made myy wayy towards them n fell into the pool.

my clothings were terribly soaked.
widd my panties wet n eeeW...
ii wore myy extra tee n bean's skirt..

oh yA! kaylin banged into a ting's hus.

to sumone who ish special in myy hart:::
the feeling is all wrong.maebe not wrong but it not rite at all.LOVE LEFT ME BEHIND.-fading-tell me if u love me not, dun keep me hangin there.but i jus wanna tell uu , ii 'm so into u.

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