Saturday, February 17, 2007

everyyone ish linked up.
oh wells.
3 days bacKs it was damn pathetic.
it was valentine's dayyY manns.

ii totallyy hadd NO DATES. ii mean how sad!?
butt ii hadd gotta tw00s piggyys-frens(chung cheng zhu pai)!
the madd-somes.
we went safra to singg KTV @ partyy world.hahs

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this picture was taken like after da whole ktv session.hahs.
we were like singging damn off tune manns.
screamingg n shoutingg.wahhas.
denn after went to meet john they all at da po0l table. ((:
**he's cute. >..<

ermms. yarhhs. ii tink ii like my back most . ((:
sexyyback. hahs. cos tt's the most flawless part of ME. yays.

yest was my sch's celebration for lunar new year.
all dat screamingg ish hurtingg my po0r throat. x(
n they gave us all ANG PAOs..WIDD GOLDEN COIN CHOC!
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see? tt's myy cutiee h0neyy beingg so blingg n retr0.whees!
ii l0ve her.

after tt qia0,pinkyy,miies went to chong pang cos lingg wanna buyy new year deco.
after all that pushingg widd those auntiies there, she finallyy got whadd she wan.
we headed home. (:
damn tiredd.

we met up ard like 2 plus. den went orchardd! :DDD
qia0huii was damn sian dia0 canns? l0ls. ii mean who's not tired?
went to EBASE.ii like those shoes larhhs. denn now is DAMN CHEAP. but NO SIIZZE!!!!!!

next we went douby ghaut;plaza sing.
went DAISO!
those peps are nice!

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be back for more! x))

ii'm filled by uu;
to0 cute.
absorbed by da past;
drawn towards the future.

ii'm tryingg to stop tinkingg bout my past memories widd uu.MOVEDON.


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