Sunday, August 19, 2007

hey ho pple.
anyways, something really fooked is that my comp just couldnt be switched on . and currently ii'm using my daddyy's laptop . (:
but seriously, this sucks alrites? joy 0.

ii'm kinda reallyys addicted to childhood computer game which is the sims.
manns, reallys addicted. and something which is goddamit retarded noe?
my dad's laptop cant fcuking install it cos it has gotta no more space. damn it`

damn lousy, and ii cant use frenster! arghs!

though life's been up and down for me, being emo and on clouds nine, having so much conflicts within my family, yea, for something that ii cant be more sure is that , ii tresure my dad. ii 've seen whadd he hadd done for me, unknowingly and doesnt so called wanting to claim any credit. LOVEDAD :D

and frens , ii love uu people . ii seriously cant imagine life without you people. it's all fate that brings us all toghether. regardless if we turned out to dislike each other, or being real close, or whaddever conflicts and disagreements. it's still all fate isnt it?

guess ii'm so damn rubbish. so yeah , please please do treasure people around yous :D

ii decided to blog whaddever ii wann over here and just mention names. ahems. hahas

yae, ii went to watch SECRET with calvin yest.he is a reallyys reallyys nice person. :D dint reallyys understand the story though. hmms. but piano is like o-mi-effin-god.
more details of outing? hahs. BOLTS! (password protected, if you wanna noe cann request from me ehs :D crystal is the onlyys person who noes bout the password ii guess? :D)

idk, but one thing that ii'm sure is that my life is kinda filled with regrets. decision that hadnt be much flavourable. and yes, causing this change in me. ii'm experiencing much changes in my life now. for the better or worse, idk. but for one thing ii noe that , is that ii reallys hate being the current me. ii suck in my character. ii reallyys do. a gd thang is tha ii aint ignorant bout that. ii had became less sociable, image consious and ii aint as friendly as before . my attitude towards life, people and stuffs had greatly changed so damn loads. ii seriously hate it.

tags replyying in awhile. (: sorryys but keep taggin alrites? :D

imaginary appearance-
ii thought ii can still hear you through the windows.
0, ii thought, there were telepathy between us.
i hoped, i thought
the first time, ii saw you through layers of doors.
i thought, ii felt you through the ground to the hell.
beneath, were your heart and nerves, ii was lost within.
where were you? time tore us all apart.
so far, so far or is it near?
the notion of mine create motion ,
you were gone..for good..
this is supposed to be a song, hahs. make the tune for it? :D
`MISSCROSSES.commitment phobia.

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