Saturday, August 25, 2007

this whole week was kinda like wasted for me.?
ii praticallyy wake up everyday in a zombie state and jump out of my hus in a damn deadly manner and jump all the way to the school of dead. LOLS.

whadd's life all about manns?

tireness and boredom almost overtook the whole of me. A crosses zombie slams in the classroom backdoor. walks in uncouthly and slap her big head on the table. Till if there's some fearsome teacher in there. upright, down again.

that's life? for me? for this hyper and crazy person right here? are uu sure?!!?

getting emotional lately. (:
joy oh joy.

dint fall much? : D
and the trio fell due to qh 's carelessness . arghs.
the hockey players came one by one to scrape the ice on us.
we were kinda the centre of attraction. it's damn damn malu luhs!
and ii was covered by most snowflakes".
how nice arhs?

existence of mine,
faded off to the background.
covered by diff tongues,
languages that wrote my life over and over again in different phases.
affected by thoughts intstilled in my mind.
hope those candies lovable touch shall last.
from both of us.
commitment refrained, by the wall to me.
not even filtered.
the feeling of being loved to be prolonged.
the dream that ii yearn for.
yet gemini, the double sides. cant make way for herself to travel.

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