Sunday, September 02, 2007

Blogging never fails to make me feel much better.
: D

firstly, sorryys to all those people, whom had had to take care of me, whom had been affected by me.
ii'm damn it screwed. and , ii reallyys hate it. damn fcuk.

oh wells , ii just need my anitoque to verge out my feelings all rights here. thanks.
if anyone of whoever aint comfortable reading the post of whaddsoever, I CARE, just back off. (:

thanks for the compliments. ii guess we did not to0 bad alr (: and it's GROUP EFFORT!
thanks gals! :D
felt veryys glad that almost all the teachers liked our dance (:
ii walked past the staff room and verrys-positive remarks were given. hehs.

ta da! : D

gushes of guilt filled in,
squeezing hard,the bloodstream .
without thinking,
just about that horrified dream.
torments of love,
bits and pieces.
fragments of odium,
stink up to your expectations.
`MISSCROSSES; get me out of here. i beg.

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